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This summer, acclaimed songwriter/singer Sam Phillips is releasing Push Any Button, her first physical album of new material since 2008's Don't Do Anything. The album was recorded by Eric Gorfain (The Section Quartet) in an old Charlie Chaplin-era bungalow near downtown Los Angeles. Push Any Button was produced by Phillips (with additional production by Gorfain) and mixed by him and Grammy winner Mike Piersante (Raising Sand, Oh Brother Where Art Thou, etc. Push Any Button is being released August 13, 2013 by Littlebox Recordings.

"This new album is connected to Long Play [the online community for whom Sam recorded some 44 songs in under two years]," Sam explains." The process of working digitally threw me back to dreaming of making pop music in the late 60's/early 70's. As far as I can tell (which is not far; I am too close to the songs), this new record is my dream of the record I would have made had I been writing and recording then. It isn't about being sentimental for times past, it's more about time travel and the irresistible idea of connecting what was with what we know now. I hope these songs survived the trip back into the present from the 1960's—passing through the ethers of the 20th century into the 21st can be a rough ride for a pop song."

Phillips was joined in the studio by some of Los Angeles' finest musicians: Jay Bellerose, drums and percussion; Jennifer Condos, bass guitar; Eric Gorfain, violin, electric guitar, keyboards; Dave Palmer, piano, keyboards; Benmont Tench, piano; Sebastian Steinberg, upright bass; The Section Quartet - Daphne Chen, Lauren Chipman, Richard Dodd, Eric Gorfain. The sessions took place in Los Angeles because, "I like working in the city I was born in because there are fewer distractions. To me traveling is a great inspiration for writing, but I'd rather be at home to record. Though I love working in the great studios in Hollywood (and hope to do so again) working in a space where we were ‘off the clock' was also fun. Unless one has a huge budget, you have to be prepared when you go into the studio. I liked writing a song or two, recording it, and sometimes re-recording it over a couple of years, as opposed to rehearsing a collection of songs and only having a week in the studio to record (though sometimes that is the best way to go)."


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Sam Phillips began her career writing and recording six albums with producer T Bone Burnett, released by the Virgin and Nonesuch labels respectively, winning a devoted following, the respect of many highly regarded musicians and songwriters and overwhelming critical recognition.

In 2000 Amy Sherman-Palladino, already a Sam fan, asked her to compose and perform the score to Gilmore Girls, which ended up running for seven years and is currently in worldwide syndication. After Gilmore Girls ended, Sam released her seventh album, the self-produced Don't Do Anything on Nonesuch Records, yielding the song "Sister Rosetta Goes Before Us", which was re-recorded by Robert Plant and Alison Krauss for their Grammy-winning, multi-platinum album Raising Sand. Sam's tune "Reflecting Light" was featured in the 2009 film Crazy Heart, starring Jeff Bridges.

Not to rest on her laurels, in 2009 Sam devised an innovative way to release her music directly to her fans. She created the Long Play subscription project recording five EPs as well as a full-length album, Cameras In The Sky, primarily of new originals, for digital-only release to her subscribers. Long Play provided this community with a unique and ambitious web-based art and music installation featuring new music, short films, original essays, candid footage of her at work in the studio, and other exclusive material. The Long Play music was well received by music critics across the country. Phillips finished the project by releasing Solid State, a 13-song sampling from the Long Play material for her listeners who desired to own the music on CD.

Soon after, Phillips reunited with Amy Sherman-Palladino, coming onboard to compose and perform music for the latter's new series Bunheads, which airs on ABC Family. Throughout 2012, Sam had her hands full creating music for the series AND working to complete Push Any Button, her "looking at the future through the past."



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