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The “folk noir” of Ruby Throat’s 3rd album , o’ doubt o’ stars weaves it’s quiet desolation along North London’s forgotten canals, through an industrial wasteland of wild flowers, arctic foxes and broken down factories, under the thunder of the M25 motorway, returning again to the ghosts on Green Lanes, the given way threads of an abandoned suitcase spilling it’s achingly personal content, katiejane sings, christopher plays guitar.

‘they drag the canal i swim with birds here is my stone dress

...slipping into the lull, the long hand reach of a solar wind, we make our tiny scratches on stones, perhaps we were here sometime ago, a fleck quietly resting on the rub of steel...

friends dear, ruby throat album no. 3 o doubt o’ stars is let go its tethers to make its creaking way into the world, informed by devastating departures and heavenly arrivals o’ doubt o’ stars got herself born aboard our narrow boat balthazar 2010-2011 written and recorded while navigating the lea river and the waterways of north london’

O’ doubt o’ stars is being initially released as a 34 page ribboned and hand assembled litho printed art book, 12 songs, 55 minutes , 500 numbered copies available from katiejanegarside.com. The album is released on the band’s own Sleeplikewolves label. A standard physical and digital version will be available June 2012 through Amazon, itunes, and katiejanegarside.com. The proceeds from the album are being used to fund a circumnavigation of the world on a 43’ sailboat. Ruby Throat’s next album will be recorded en route along with a film.


With a bipolar folk noir soundscape, the poetry of a slow unravel, and the ghost of a barren desert blues, Ruby Throat is the latest incarnation of underground British singing icon Katiejane Garside… "when she isn't fighting it she bottles it, frames it or records it, she was the singer in the influential early 90's band Daisychainsaw, escaped to the mountains and then returned with rooftop experience to form Queenadreena, she has made installation art pieces 'treblinka dresses', 'prayer flags' and 'dream dolls', completed her own collection of 'lalleshwari / glasswilderness' recordings, and exhibited at the Woom gallery in Birmingham.”


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Ruby Throat have released 3 albums and 1 ep:

The Ventriloquist (2007)
French tour EP (2009)
Out of Black Cloud Came a Bird (2009)
O’ doubt O’ stars (2012)

Katiejane Garside Discography:

Daisy Chainsaw

LoveSickPleasure EP (Deva, 1991)
Pink Flower EP (1992)
Eleventeen (One Little Indian, 1992) Queen Adreena
Taxidermy (Blanco y Negro, 2000)
Drink Me (Rough Trade, 2002)
The Butcher and the Butterfly (One Little Indian, 2005)
Live at the ICA (One Little Indian, 2005)
Ride A Cock Horse (Imperial, 2007)
Djin (Imperial, 2008)


Lalleshwari / Lullabies in a Glasswilderness (2005) (Boxset included an audio CD and a DVD. This version was limited to 300, with the first 100 being signed and numbered)
Lalleshwari / Lullabies in a Glass Wilderness (2006) (Version did not include a DVD but included two different tracks from the previous release)
Corps Electriques (2008) (Collaboration with Hector Zazou)

Ruby Throat

The Ventriloquist (2007) (Version limited to 500, signed and numbered, gatefold version also printed)
Tour EP (2009) (Limited Edition handmade 5-track EP sold exclusively on their 2009 tour, including 2 photographs)
Out of a Black Cloud Came a Bird (2009) (Version limited to 500 number copies, including 10 fine art prints, 5 photographs. Gatefold version also printed)
O' Doubt O' Stars (2012) (34 page ribboned and hand assembled litho printed art book, 12 songs, 55 minutes , 500 numbered copies)


Creaming Jesus - Guilt By Association (1992)
Frostbite - The Second Coming (1993)
The Sacred Sawdust Ring: The Greatest Show Of Truth (1994)
Test Dept - Totality 1 (1995)
Test Dept - Totality (1995)
Test Dept - Totality 1 & 2: The Mixes (1997)
Mínus - Halldór Laxness (2004)
Ghostigital - In Cod We Trust (2006)
Stories From The Moon - Stories From The Moon (2006)
Jeff Zentner - The Dying Days Of Summer (2009)


Email: info@rubythroat.co.uk
Web: katiejanegarside.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/katiejanegarsiderubythroat


‘in the arms of flowers’ http://dai.ly/vdmdvg
‘barebaiting’ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eiMSGAV88Ts
‘pretty polly’ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aPW6RmUnkxU&feature=related


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