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Roll and Go

In the summer of 1962, on his “Caribbean Voyage,” Alan Lomax visited the southernmost Windward Islands — Grenada and Carriacou — where he recorded an astounding variety of music, sung for fun, ritual, worship, and to accompany work. “Roll and Go: Chanteys and Sailor Songs from Grenada” features fourteen rollicking numbers (ten of which are previously unreleased) used for boat-launching, boat-pulling, sail and net-hoisting by the fishing-folk of Grenada — songs that invigorated the work and energized the workers. This being released by the Alan Lomax Archives' digital-only imprint, Global Jukebox on July 23.

“Roll and Go” is an infectious synthesis of familiar “sea shanties” of New England and Britain with indomitable Caribbean poly-rhythms, echoing West African traditions and popular musical styles like calypso and soca.


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1. Hilo, Boys, Hilo (led by Newton Joseph)
2. Bell A Ring A Yard O (led by Charlie Bristol)
3. Ride ‘Em Trinidad (led by Sonnell Allert)
4. Yankee John Stormalong (led by Sonnell Allert)
5. Steamboat Due Tomorrow (led by Newton Joseph)
6. Shiloh (led by Charlie Bristol)
7. Gwen Mwen (led by Newton Joseph)
8. Roseanna (led by Charlie Bristol)
9. Rosibella (led by Charlie Bristol)
10. Blow the Man Down (led by Daniel Aikens)
11. Long Time Ago (Caesar Boys) (led by Newton Joseph)
12. Hooray Irena (led by Jean Glaud)
13. Roll Roll Roll and Go (led by Babsy McQueen)
14. Ring Down Below (led by Charlie Bristol)





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