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From their basement studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, rises Man Made Sun, with a sound as big and powerful as the city itself. Headed by mastermind Ofer Tiberin, (former guitarist of the critically acclaimed rock band Emok, who moved to NY in 1998 from Israel and has been living in Brooklyn since 1999), this jet-fueled hypnotic powerhouse relentlessly mixes up genres into an intense explosion of dark heavy beats, with hard driven Middle Eastern rhythms lending a ferociousness which matches the relentless tempo of New York City. With influences ranging from Rage against the Machine to the Prodigy, from Middle Eastern folk music (tracing back to Tiberin’s formative years growing up in Jerusalem) to rave trance, Man Made Sun are proud to announce the release of their self-released debut EP, More A Devil Than A God in early Winter 2013.

Recorded and mixed by Tiberin at Momek Studios in Brooklyn and mastered by Maor Applebaum in California in April/May 2012, on More A Devil Than A God, the quartet masterfully layer rhythms over captivating melodies and grounding harmonies hint at a deep-rooted history while at the same time build up a thoroughly modern- even futuristic- sound. Undoubtedly influenced by his roots, this dichotomy- modern, lively, and at times violent, but also highly spiritual- explodes between the lines of Tiberin’s lyrics.

You can download and stream the track “Belief” from More A Devil Than A God here:

Download link for “Belief”:


Streaming link for “Belief”:


Here’s a link to check out the brand new video for the EP track, “Waiting For The Sun”, directed by Antoine Prat:




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Man Made Sun was formed by Tiberin in late 2011 after his hard-hitting, much-lauded three piece rock band Emok, began to dissolve. At that time, Emok had begun to develop a loyal following and had received an enthusiastic response from the media for their record, Shove Your Head Into The Ground And Feed It To The Earth. In the April 2005 issue of Revolver, Christopher Weingarten gave the record “4 out of 5 stars” and raved, “Sh*#-stirring trio Emok gigging in Brooklyn, raised in Israel are the real deal. The scales and rhythms of their chaotic North Israeli homeland are mixed with an eclectic stomp thats equal parts S.O.A.D.s herky-jerk, Zack de la Rochas dread-whipping funkiness, and Sepulturas polyrhythmic percussion (in Emoks case, of course, percussion includes Middle Eastern instruments like the jingling riq)… their razor-sharp riffs create a perfectly sludgy bed for their minor-key melodies to shimmy over.” The Gauntlet’s Erin Fox proclaimed, “Everything about this record is impressive. For a trio, Emok manage to conjure up some pretty massive sounds….Ofer kicks in some furious solos at all the right moments while churning out riffs with varied emotions which cover a wide range of styles. Emok are not a band to be taken lightly. In a word their sound is huge and this is an album you simply cannot go without.” ??

Towards the end of Emok, drummer Eran Asias (Julian Lennon, Patty Smyth) came on board to collaborate, and then became the official first member of Man Made Sun along with founder Tiberin. Guitarist Shahar Mintz (Meta and The Corner Stones) and bassist Mark Kelly rounded out the group, but soon after, Kelly was called to join The Roots, and Jonathan Levy (Izabo) stepped in on bass. It was immediately evident: this line up was the one. Man Made Sun was complete.

Although More A Devil Than A God is the quartet’s debut EP, they play shows regularly, honing their distinctive sound, and are constantly in the studio recording. The band’s live shows pulse with the same complex and precise intensity as their recorded EP, with an added heavy-hitting dose of spontaneity. The guys, each prolific professionals who have played around the world with a slew of great artists in a broad spectrum of genres, are dedicated to the art of creating raw, honest music. You can feel their passion in the power of Tiberin’s voice and the fury of the band’s music in every track they record and perform live.

Man Made Sun create a steeping mixture of dark rhythm and throbbing harmonics to match their very heartbeats, and are playing it for the city, lighting up the world.



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