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Sometimes things just happen for a reason even if it takes 30 years.

Case in point, The Emperors of Wyoming.

The story starts in Madison, Wisconsin in the late 1970s

The four Emperors – Butch Vig, Phil Davis, Frank and Peter Anderson – are playing in two different bands. They all know each other, but for one reason or another never join forces as a four-piece. By 1980, as things will have it, they all go their separate ways. A few years later Vig (today one of the world’s renown record producers for Nirvana and Garbage) and Davis form Fire Town and promptly sign with Atlantic Records, for whom they create two critically acclaimed albums, In the Heart of the Heart Country and The Good Life (both available on www.woundedbird.com). At the same time, the Andersons are living in California and form San Francisco Bay area must-see, Call Me Bwana. That would probably be the end of the story, except…

Fast forward to January 2009…

Davis, a singer and songwriter, is talking to old band mate guitarist Frank Anderson, now living in Wisconsin. Hey, Davis says, let’s make a folk-rock record. Frank goes, Great idea, let’s go! Brother Pete says, I’m in on bass. And Vig, living in L.A., just coming off a two-year stint producing Green Day goes, “Cool. Need some drums and stuff?” Back together again…for the first time. Problem is, now the band members live in four different cities in two different states. No matter. Times have changed. All four have home studios. They begin to write and record, emailing ideas, songs, riffs, demos and mixes. Thus the Emperors of Wyoming is born and their masterful, eponymous debut, The Emperors of Wyoming, arrives. Proper Records UK releases it in fall 2012 to great praise and notice from European critics.


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…and now it’s 2014

Newly formed Liaison Music approaches the Emperors to release their debut album in the U.S. The original 10 songs are intact, but the band has added three new tracks for the American release and re-mixed a couple others. Engineer-mixer Alex Smolinski and singer-guitarist Kim Henry are now part of the working group. The result is a 13-song debut that’s amazingly timeless, a seamless melding of American country and folk-rock that bridges new and old, cutting edge technology and ancient instruments, spaghetti western, country-and-western, bluegrass, surf-rock, acoustic folk, hard rock, pop-metal, and pop-rock into a brand new American sound. No filler, no gaps, satisfying from the first track to the last. Yeah, it did take a long time to get here, but the Emperors of Wyoming wouldn’t have it any other way.


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