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There are two sides to every story, sometimes even two sides to every person. And so there are two sides to Arrica Rose & the …'s (The Dot Dot Dots) latest full-length release, WAVEFUNCTION, available Nov 4th on pOprOck records. Though the album may be enjoyed sequentially and digitally, this collection of tracks was originally designed for vinyl.* Each side of the record has a distinct mood and there is no particular side where the story begins or ends. "We think of it as music for different occasions," explains Rose, "a choose your own adventure kind of album."

WAVEFUNCTION, produced by Daniel Garcia at Radio Hill Recorders, draws inspiration from timeless records, many of them made long ago. The songs hint at Dream Pop, Vintage Rock, and Americana, all dressed up in Rose's sultry vocals and shimmering soundscapes of Andrews Sisters-esque harmonies, strings, horns, keys, and pretty noise.

Conceptually, WAVEFUNCTION was influenced by the highs and lows of change, living in two different cities, and trying to embrace both ends of the spectrum. Involved in a long distance relationship, Rose decided to split her time between Northern and Southern California, hoping to spare the relationship from too much distance while still balancing her music, family, and friends that rooted her in Los Angeles. "It turned out to be more challenging than I imagined,” Rose says. “I was energized by my time in Oakland and San Francisco and writing more uptempo songs than usual. But I was also constantly missing what I left behind during my travels back and forth, always wanting to merge my two worlds, and these darker downtempo songs surfaced under that influence."


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Encouraged by producer Daniel Garcia to incorporate the extremes, rather than just trying to find her way to the middle, Rose focused on capturing a different mood for each side of WAVEFUNCTION. She was even inspired to take one song ("Oh the Day, Then the Night") and compose two versions: an uptempo retro dance-along number, as well as a lush downtempo dream pop interpretation. "This album became very much about duality,” says Rose. “And about perspective - its hold on us, the endless possibilities of how different our lives might be if we shifted our frame of mind. Also, because we do love the concept of an album, we wanted to really utilize the vinyl format and encourage listening to a collection of songs. It was important to us though, that the tracks could stand alone as well."

Arrica Rose & the…'s WAVEFUNCTION is the follow-up full-length to the band's critically acclaimed Let Alone Sea, which landed on several Best of Lists including #19 on Blurt Magazine's Top 50; Buzzbands.LA top 100 local favorites; and WXPN's Sleepyhollow Best 25 Songs. Consequence of Sound described “Nothing Nada Nothing” as one of the best indie-rock tracks of the year. Rose also garnered praise from iTunes, LA Weekly, and LA Record, and her cover of the Bee Gee’s “Tragedy” was featured by Esquire.com as one of “the best covers of all time.” Independently released on her own label, Rose's music has charted on iTunes and been featured on MTV's Real World, NBC’s Lipstick Jungle, The CW’s Nikita, as well as NikeWomen.com.



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